【UABB@Venice】Bug Dome Workshop | La Biennale di Venezia Fundamentals



Bug Dome Workshop | La Biennale di Venezia Fundamentals

Special Event at the Chinese Pavilion of the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture


[when] September 15-20

 [To partecipate send an email to:]

This workshop is a five-day collaborative and sustainable construction by the Chinese Pavilion in Venice Biennale / Fundamentals to be held in Arsenale – MagazzinodelleCisterne during September from 15th to the 20th 2014 and Curated by Jian Jun curator and art critic and PierAlessioRizzardi, architect and researcher.

The Bug Dome was inspired by the homes built by insects.It was designed to be a sheltered area where underground band performances, poetry readings, and discussions could take place during the Venice Biennale. The architects and students create structure by recomposing materials with minimal effort to total impact. The ‘bug dome’ construction is out of material in the context of the Chinese Pavilion and weak concrete in the form of cement mixed with soil.


Bug Dome Workshop | La Biennale di Venezia Fundamentals

 [when] September 15-20

 [where] Arsenale – MagazzinodelleCisterne, Castello 2169 – Venezia, Italy

 [curators] Jiang Jun | Pier Alessio Rizzardi

 [artist]  Xie Yingjun


[Who] the workshop is direct to architecture students, architects, visual artists, photographers video makers

 [How to partecipate] send an email to | [subject: workshop biennale] [Content: CV and Portfolio (up to maximum 10 MB) |

(the selection will be made following the ranking of the [CV] and [Portfolio]. The participation is up to a maximum of 10 people)



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