Winners of UABB International Student Poster and Video Competition


We are pleased to announce the final winners of the UABB International Student Poster and Video Competition. The winners have picked up by the Cumulus Executive Board members. Cumulus (International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media)

Dear all winners, please contact for the awarding details.

The competition received around hundred of submissions all of the world, as an important part of the UABB 2013, the purpose of this competition is to promote creativity and innovation, and to cultivate cultural exchange between international young talents through the production of video and/or poster design. The 2013 UABB hopes to revolve around the theme of Urban Border in order to reveal the multiple possibilities of urban culture, urban space and urban living and their associated issues.

Poster Competition Winners:

The First Prize

Chen Lijing

South China Agricultural University 

“City expansion” is the most typical and extraordinarily serious city problem all around word, especially in China. Larger the city size, more smooth the border, less nature the earth. Exactly like the poster shows, the relationship between city and nature is similar with the ink and water, the more ink exist the less nature circumstance last. This entire situation can conclude in the title”Black VS Green”.

The Second Prize:

Zhang Xiaoyuan 

Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

With the rapid development of all aspects of the city today, people only see the city bright appearance, high-rise buildings, bridges is broad, fun and so on, often ignored the bright background -- environmental problems. This is the city development of marginalized reflect . The development of the city at the expense of the environment. The leaves of the tree represent the environmental problems in the work covered all over with cuts and bruises, mottled leaves bearing damage to the city development. Works intended to remind people, the environment is our survival, if not pay attention to the protection of the environment, and powerful city will be the same as the leaves mottled, finally collapse.

Han Yujia, Bu Nan, Zhong Liwen, Chen Jianbin, Shuai Yue, Huang Qiao

Tongji University

The edge of the city is not the boundary between the urban and rural area, nor the gap between cities, but the emotional connection between people and the city where they live. When these emotional bond breaks, the "edge" will appear. It is the people, the block and the memory that constitute the "city”.
This poster combines two groups of buildings in different time with montage and shows that an aged man, feeling afraid and upset, is sitting in front of an old building with a shadow in the future which is reflected on the water, indicating that the nearly crazy urban sprawl are having great impact on people’s lifestyle and social relations and triggering conflicts, in order to draw more attention on people and urban context in the process of urban expansion as the future can be created but the memory of the past could not be woven again.

The Third Prize

Sarah Stasiuk

University of Manitoba

This poster explores boundary conditions within a slice of the city of Winnipeg in Canada, showing the relationships that exist between nature and the built environment. The analysis covers the levels of interaction along the city’s meandering Red River, among the nearby domestic neighbourhoods and suburbs, and throughout the surrounding natural environment. Specific textures have been documented within each district, such as the cladding materials found on homes or those of the grasses found in large fields at the periphery of the city. These textures have been represented on the map through various materials, such as found tree bark, rough sandpapers, embossed plastic, and yellow traffic paint. This textural mapping of the natural and domestic border conditions depicts not only the material qualities and conditions found within each district but also some personal interpretations or emotions experienced in certain areas. One of these interpretations includes that of the downtown district, represented to convey the chaotic nature of the surroundings experienced there. A topographical map of the area has been integrated to further reveal the interrelation of the city to the natural environment. The map also serves as a reminder of the pervasive influence of nature on urban development.

Cao Mengying

Hubei Institute of Fine Arts

The urban area become lager and lager, the issue of the environment become more and more serious more and more farmland become the new part of the city so we should pay more attention on the environmental problem develope the city and the environment togther, then we can have a happier and better environmentally friendly life, the poster use a hand make feeling the city combine the tree in a kindly way.

Video Competition Winners:

The First Prize

Garden on Ruins

Ye Qiming, Wu Chengyue, Ma Shengjie, Yang Xin, Song Yan, Gu Danye, Xie Min

Tongji University


The Second Prize 

Nightmare Shanghai

Bei Yingjie, Zhu Jingwen, Tang Yayi

Tongji University 

Heart of the Continent 

Liane Lanzar

University of Manitoba


The Third Prize

Fishing Town Stories

Kevin Wang Zhenquan 

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Keep the street empty for me

Dazhong YI

University of Manitoba

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