DATE: February 28th, 2014, Friday
VENUE: Venue A Value Factory
Activities: 1. Closing Forum, 2. Book Launch Event for UABB Catalogue, 3. Closing Ceremony.

VENUE: Education Center- Venue A Value Factory
International Forum 1: International Architectural Awards and Contemporary Chinese Architecture/Urbanism
Host:Li Xiangning、Jeffrey Johnson
Speakers:Yung Ho Chang, Manuel Cuadra, Pehr Mikael Sällström, Ricardo Devesa, Zhang Yuxing
10:45 -12:30
International Forum 2: Shenzhen Biennale and the Future of Cities
Host:Ole Bouman
Speakers: Yung Ho Chang , Ou Ning, Terence Riley, Li Xingning, Jeffrey Johnson, Fournier Colin, 

2. Book Launch Event for UABB Catalogue (Invited Only)
VENUE: Silo Bar-Venue A Value Factory
Host:Huang Weiwen
14:00-14:05 Reception
14:05-14:08 Introduction
14:08-14:26 Speeches by Ole Bouman, Ou Ning, Terence Riley
14:26-14:30 Discussion

VENUE: Auditorium, Venue A-Value Factory
14:30-15:00 Reception
15:00-15:03 Ceremony Host introduces the guests
15:03-15:08 2013UABB (SZ) Documentary Screening
15:08-15:14 Speeches by Ole Bouman, Li Xiangning and Jeffrey Johnson
15:14-15:17 Speech by Leaders of the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government
15:17-15:32 Special Thanks to Volunteer, Partners and Supporters
15:32-15:44 2013 UABB(SZ) Prize Award Ceremony
3 Public Choice Awards
4 Academic Committee Awards
1 Organizing Committee Award
15:45 End of the Ceremony
15:50-16:50 Performance: Dimen Dong Folk Chorus

International Forum 1:
International Architectural Awards and Contemporary Chinese Architecture/Urbanism
As one of the important ways of architectural criticism, architectural awards have always been a focus of architectural design industry. Meanwhile, the set-up and development of architectural awards are also pushing this industry and playing an active role in encouraging and innovating. In recent years, more and more Chinese architects win international architectural awards, thus promoting the communication of contemporary Chinese architecture and international architectural industry. Contemporary Chinese architecture has turned from an onlooker to a participant. Problems relating to the set-up and evaluation mechanism of these awards have subtly influenced the value proposition of contemporary Chinese architecture. In this forum, we invite well-known personages of famous international architectural awards to take part in the discussion with contemporary Chinese architects.
As an indirect productive force, architectural awards promote the academic competitions within this industry, and at the same time adjust and regulate our criteria. Moreover, the selection and report of these awards relate more and more to media. So, apart from exploring the relationship between international architectural awards and contemporary Chinese architecture, we should pay more attention to the problems caused by the transmission, production and consumption of architecture. SinceUABB (SZ) has already been a local cultural brand of the city, it needs to be discussed whether a specific architectural award of Shenzhen Biennale itself should be set up.

International Forum 2:

Shenzhen Biennale and the Future of Cities
In recent years, there are more and more development strategies oriented by cultural events. UABB(SZ), which is one of outstanding events, has already held five editions till now. Being a cultural brand of Shenzhen, it plays a more and more important role in the future development of the city. All the past editions of UABB (SZ) have presented us the continuous concerns on urban development. The city is activated and rejuvenated by the biennale in the future, and vice versa.

Themed as “Urban Border” and located in two industrial relics named “Value Factory” and “Border Warehouse”, this biennale organizes a grand exhibition exploring the social and cultural issues of contemporary urban borders. As a critical topic, “Urban Border” aims at erasing the binary opposition of “center” and “margin” in urban space, thus to fill the gap between the central and the marginal regions. UABB(SZ) is concerned with the far future of cities through this topic, and pays a close attention to the current urban development in a global perspective. As a cultural brand constructed by the city, UABB(SZ) has examined the future urban conditions taking Shenzhen as an example. This closing ceremony forum hopes to document the outcomes of these five editions and look into the prospects of Shenzhen and other metropolises.

Dimen Dong Folk Chorus:
As the end of 2013 Shenzhen Biennale, we invite the artists from Guizhou Province to perform Dimen Dong Folk Chorus, hoping that they will present us a moving performance for our closing ceremony. The following is the brief introduction of Dimen Dong Folk Chorus:

The Dong Chorus from Liping has visited more than ten countries, such as France, Italy and Singapore, to perform Dong Folk Chorus. On Oct. 3rd 1986, the chorus from South-west Guizhou Province went abroad to visit Paris for the first time. They took part in the Autumn Art Festival, and their performance won great success. Recently, the chorus of Dong also participated in Smithson Folk Art Festival and gave a wonderful performance in Kennedy Center.


More Event on Feb 28th

Value Farm: Harvesting Festival / Closing Market 

VENUE: Value Farm- Venue A Value Factory

Time: 13:00-15:30

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