Urban Nature in Megacities


Urban Nature in Megacities

Speakers: Juan Du, Maria Augusta Bueno, Dorothy Tang

Respondent: Jorn Konijn

Time: Sunday, January 19, 2014, 1:00PM

Venue: Machine Hall (Stairs) of UABB Shenzhen Exhibition Venue A, Value Factory- Shekou District

Come join us as we discuss the surprising presence of vibrant animal life in some of the world’s largest cities, learn important lessons from these co-inhabitants about our urban environment, and explore solutions to improve our collective habitat. Presentation and discussion will include research findings of Safari SZHK, Safari Sao Paulo, and Hong Kong Platforms.

Safari SZHK invites Hong Kong and Shenzhen residents to join us in studying how urban nature thrives in surprising and unexpected ways. The project is exhibited in the Shenzhen and Hong Kong exhibition sites of the UABB 2013. Research about urban ecosystems in the region is displayed with large format graphics and an audio installation at the Biennale sites. The tour materials—maps and podcasts—can be downloaded onto smart phones and mp3 players for use on the subway. Visitors to the Biennial can use the self-guided tour to connect to the UABB Shenzhen exhibition site via public transit, or listen online (

Safari HKSZ is a collaboration between the Department of Architecture at Hong Kong University,
Columbia University Urban Landscape Lab, and MTWTF. Safari SZHK is the fourth in a series of tours that started in New York in 2009, and extended to Beijing in 2011 and Sao Paulo in 2013.

Juan Du is Associate Professor and Director of Master of Architecture Program at the University of Hong Kong. She has worked in China, Europe as well as the United States. Her design and research practice IDU_architecture is based in Hong Kong.
Maria Augusta Bueno is Director Columbia University’s S.o Paulo Lab. She is also co‐founder of the architecture practice Estudio Maac and has been a guest teacher at Escola da Cidade in S.o Paulo.
Dorothy Tang is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies at the University of Hong Kong. She is a practicing landscape architect with work in China, New York, and Toronto.

Jorn Konijn is the Co-Curator of the 2013 Shenzhen Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture.

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