从现在起,加入价值工厂学院,与世界上最有创造力的建筑师和设计机构一起工作吧! 只需要提交申请,你就可以找到一个发挥你自己创造力的地方!




价值工厂 、一个独特的建筑 、一个有着特殊历史的地方 、一个全球闻名的双年展 、一群具有高度创新能力的国际建筑师合作伙伴 、一百多个活动为我们创造新的价值

 一个非常难得的好机会,在这里学习、思考、反应、相识和尝试。 一个非常难得的好机会,在价值工厂加入这个学院 。 成就未来,现在开始申请, 价值工厂学院。 



1,  研究:参加由展览合作伙伴带来的大师工作坊。这些合作伙伴包括MoMA, OMA, the Berlage, Studio X, Het Nieuwe Instituut, THNK, Archis.

2, 机构培训:为期六天的启发性讲授和实习课程,去学习如何在价值工厂运作一个雄心勃勃、高度创新的文化机构的基本技能 。

3, 设计:发起和参加两个一对一教学的设计项目。


 -良好的英文沟通能力 -掌握基本的设计能力 -良好的沟通合作意识 -有完整的三个月时间,主要是从十二月中旬到一月中旬。(详情请见时间表,我们也接受按月申请,但是三个月全时申请者优先)



申请本次双年展将于2013年12月7日开始,于2014年2月28日结束。有兴趣参加本次价值学院的同学请提交一份申请书,包含你的参加原因、个人简历、联系方式和你在双年展活动期间的时间表。申请提交截止日期为2013年11月18日,招生选拔时间为一周,之后我们将尽快跟您联系。 申请邮箱:


申请截止日期: 2013年11月18日。


更多信息和在线申请,请访问 或者



The Value Factory Academy (VFA) is searching for talented people like you.

Join The Value Factory Academy now, and start working with some the most innovative architecture institutions in the world. Apply, and find yourself a space for your own creativity and drive.

An once in a life time opportunity. Are you ready for the challenge of becoming a creative leader? 

 Creative Director’s statement

The Value Factory… An unique building A place with a remarkable history A world famous Biennale A group of highly innovative international program partners in the field of architecture About 100 events to create new value for our time...

Seldom you had a better opportunity to learn, think, reflect, meet and try out. Seldom there was a better reason to start an Academy, and to join it. Become part of the future by applying to the Value Factory Academy now.

What we offer 

A three month course of research, institutional practice and architecture and urban design, for max 45 students.

1.     Research: participation in master workshops, organized by program partners Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), OMA, the Berlage, Studio X, Het Nieuwe Instituut, THNK, Archis

2.     Institutional practice: 6 days of inspired lecturing (and internships) to learn the basic skills of running a highly ambitious and innovative culture institution as the Value Factory.

3.     Design: initiate and implement two design projects with one-to-one tutoring


Conditions The Value Factory considers this first Academic course during the Biennale as its test phase. Therefore we will charge no fee! We only require:

 -Sufficient skills in spoken and written English -Elementary design skills -A general three month availability, with strong emphasis on mid December and mid January (see time table; application per month will be possible, but full program applicants will be prioritized) -A lap top computer and digital camera -A collaborative mind set

This pioneering course will be terminated with a personal conversation with the dean. Each student will receive a certificate.

Apply Please submit application with a short motivation of max 300 words + resume with contact details and your availability during the Biennale period of 7 December 2013 until 28 February 2014 to before November 18th 2013. Selection procedure will take a week. We will contact you shortly after.

Visit or for more information and online application.

 The first generation Value Factory Academy program will run from December 2nd 2013 until February 28th 2014. Application deadline: 18 November 2013.

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