Invitation for 2013 Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture (Shenzhen) Collateral Exhibitions/Events


Invitation for 2013 Collateral Exhibition/ Events(Download)

Curator Application Form(Download)

Shenzhen biennale of urbanismarchitecture Organizing committee (shorten as “Biennale Organizing Committee “)hereby invites you and your team(shorten as “applicant”) to submit proposal by way of application for 2013 Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture(Shenzhen) Collateral Exhibitions/Events and thereof participate as the curator. (Please Refer to the invitation and application form) Contents:

1. Introduction and Project Requirements

2. Proposal Content and Requirements

2.1 General Direction for The Theme

2.2 Venue and Design

2.3 Budget and Control

2.4 Structure of Curatorial Team

2.5 Exhibition Timeline

3. Eligibility

4. Responsibilities of the Applicant

5. Submission Requirements and Selection criteria

6. Copy Right

7. Notification of Results

8. Dispute Resolution

9. Confidentiality

10. Enquiries

1、Introduction and Project Requirements

1.1 Project Description

Collateral exhibitions/ events have been an organic component of UABB and a necessary complement to main exhibitions. The organizing committee encourages participations from various sectors in order to embody further diversity and vitality of the exhibition, make the biennale exhibition accessible in every corner of the city and enable the citizens to experience the grand cultural event in their life.

1.2 Requirements

—The contents of the projects should be consistent with the general theme of “urban border” and the characteristics of UABB.

—The projects for application should be full-fledged exhibitions/events, the applicants must raise funding for the overall exhibition/events budget and find venues as well.

—The applicants should bear the full package of exhibitions/events relevant work, including planning and execution..

—The organizing committee shall examine and verify the proposed projects. Only those valuable exhibitions/events that meet the requirements will receive proportional subsidies from the committee and only a limited number of applicants can receive the subsidies.

—As the expenses put aside for the project by the organizing committee are no more than 100,000 RMB, the applicants should raise capital, if inadequate, and ensure that the sponsor can offer sufficient money. The sponsorship strategy shall comply with standard marketing protocol set by the Biennale Organizing Committee and it can be executed only after confirmation from the committee. The capability of raising capital by the applicants is also an element of evaluation.

—The organizing committee has the ultimate right of determination on the program.

—Materials for publication and of identification should be administered by the organizing committee and the applicants should finish the relevant designs according to the corresponding standards and requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: In case the Project cannot proceed as planned, the organizing committee is not liable for any claims in any format should the appropriate amount of sponsorship is not available by the time as scheduled.

2、Proposal Content and Requirements

The applicants applying for the exhibition(“candidates”) should submit proposals based on the following contents and relevant requirements.

Exhibition Plan【Please Refer to 2.1】

Venue and Design【Please Refer to 2.2】

Budget Plan【Please Refer to 2.3】

Structure of Curatorial Team【Please Refer to 2.4】

Exhibition Timeline【Please Refer to 2.5】

2.1 Exhibition Plan

Exhibition Plan Should Include But Not Limited In:

(1) Concept/Theme

(2) Exhibition Content and Structure (including preliminary proposal of possible participants and works)

(3) Media Plan

(4) Event Plan

Follow the general direction for the theme— URBAN BORDER /EDGE/MARGIN. Be professional and innovative; Show concerns for global urbanization issues and at the same time for issues in Shenzhen, Hong Kong and PRD area; Exhibit your abundant resources.

2.2 Venue and Design

The design proposal needs to take it into consideration for the attendee’s flow lines and exhibition guidance system inside and outside the venue.

2.3 Budget and Control

This fee is tax all-inclusive. Please submit a preliminary framework base on the general structure below:


2.4 Structure of Curatorial Team

The curatorial team member structure as well as descriptions of job responsibilities for each member should be submitted.

2.5 Timeline

The proposed schedule of project implementation shall be submitted. The schedule shall cover the proposed implementation of the exhibitions, activities, opening / closing ceremony, promotion, publishing, education etc.



3.1 Applicants for the 2013 UABB (Shenzhen) collateral exhibition/events should be the one generally responsible for the project.

3.2. Team applicants can be any curatorship team from home and abroad. The team should designate a core member to be generally responsible for the organizing committee. All the submitted materials should be signed by the person in charge.

3.3 The applicant institute or individual with the following experiences and resources will be preferred, but these are not the necessary conditions.

3.3.1 Possess certain knowledge of China especially Shenzhen in the aspect of city development, and also have unique insights to Shenzhen and Hong Kong developments.

3.3.2 Have rich experiences of design or architecture exhibition curatorial, preparation and practices at home and abroad.

3.3.3 Have professional background of architecture as well as concerns and unique insights of urbanization. Refine the general architectural model exhibitions and use the art, popular approaches to make the curatorial and demonstrate academic themes.

3.3.4 Have certain experiences for exhibitions organized by the government, and be familiar with these exhibition features.

3.3.5 Have abundant integrated resources and experiences in project management such as capability to invite the top professionals, domestic and foreign media.

4、Responsibilities of the Applicant

Develops overall project plan, responsible for overall academic and art features, including:

4.1 Initiates exhibition/event theme and theme representation, provides name list of all participants, basic information and exhibition plans. Responsible for the convening of the exhibition participants based on themes and for all the work of contacting and communication.

4.2 Develops proposal of opening ceremony and closing ceremony, provides guests list that the applicant plans to invite to the ceremonies.

4.3 Develops exhibition/event venue layout, implementation plans and exhibition /events plans based on exhibiting works in the venue. Supervise fabrication of exhibits/events and decoration of venue; manages the overall effect of the exhibition.

4.4 Proposes timeline and task list and establishes budget planning. The budget which is subsidized by UABB (Shenzhen) needs a approval from the Biennale Organizing Committee before execution.

4.5 During the planning and exhibition period of Bi-city Biennale Shenzhen exhibition, fully leverages the popularity and influence, fully cooperates Biennale Organizing Committee on promotions or accepts promotion campaign assignments entrusted by Biennale Organizing Committee both at home and abroad.

4.6 Besides organizing the exhibition/event, applicant shall also make propositions on seminars, lectures, forums and relevant public activities; invite chairpersons and experts for forums and academic activities;

4.7 Furnish the Bi-city Biennale Shenzhen exhibition with necessary texts, videos and images, as well as supporting promotions on internet, publications and films.

4.8 Responsible for the estimation, post-exhibition assessment and summarization of the exhibition results.

4.9 Responsible for establishing and managing the curatorial team, and the communication with Biennale Committee Office.

4.10 To cooperate with Biennale Committee in reporting, investigating, deliberating within each stage while organizing and conducting this exhibition, and to solve all relative questions.

4.11 Applicant’s duty bound to come to Shenzhen for briefing if any of these requirements or invitations is made by Biennale Organizing Committee.

4.12 Provide full support on varies forums and academic activities that invited by the committee;participate in opening and closing ceremonies, press conferences, seminars, etc.

5、Submission Requirements and Selection Criteria

5.1 Submission Deadline

The applicants, who intend to participate in the project, please submit the application materials by e-mail or mail to Shenzhen Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture Organizing Committee Office before 1st, Sep, 2013 (Sunday) 18:00 (Beijing time). The application materials are required to be signed and confirm by the applicants (all the curatorial team members).

Address: Block A 302, SculptureAcademy, No.8 ZhongKang Road, Shangmeilin, Futian District, Shenzhen

Contact Person::MI Lan

5.2 Shenzhen Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture Organizing Committee( “Biennale Organizing Committee” )will review and select the applicants. The applicants are required to submit detailed curatorial proposals according to the organizer requirements. The proposal contents will include:

File and format

* All the documents should be in both Chinese and English

Exhibition Statement (summary of exhibition proposal)…A4 (no more than 5 pages )

The applicant’s contacts / CV / achievements………………A4 (can use more pages)

Detailed information of the exhibition proposal (including exhibition projects and exhibition area design)……………………… ………A4 and A3 (can use more pages)

Exhibition budget……………………………………………A4 (can use more pages)

Exhibition implementation schedule…………………A4 or A3 (can use more pages )

Proposal for Exhibition Promotion A4 (can use more pages)

Proposal for Events A4 (can use more pages)

Team Structure A4 (can use more pages)

If the application materials do not comply with the requirements, they will be regarded as invalid. 5.3 The Biennale Organizing Committee rejects any submissions received after the deadline. (Excluding arrangements made by the organizer.) 5.4 The Biennale Organizing Committee will then conduct the review for submitted curatorial proposals, and determine the participant. The evaluation will refer to the following standards: 5.4.1 The contents of the program should be consistent with the theme of 2013 Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture (Shenzhen) and be strictly subject to the detailed requirements in the projects for application. (Please Refer to 1.4) 5.4.2 The proposal must be creative and innovative. It not only needs to reflect the global city problems in a broad vision, but also concerns the study of Shenzhen & Hong Kong as well as the Pearl River Delta urbanization problems.

5.4.3 The applicant of Bi-city Biennale Shenzhen outreach program should have the following capabilities or conditions:

1)Understand and agree with basic values of the Bi-city Biennale.

2)The curatorial concept and expressions can represent current international cutting edge level.

3)Have general knowledge and understanding of urban and urbanization problems in China, especially for the Pearl River Delta and Shenzhen city. 4)Have strong capacity of resources mobilization, can invite planners, architects, designers and artists with international influence to participate in the exhibition. 5)Be familiar with international media operation methods. Have the capability to promote the Bi-City Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture to a higher level with international standards and influence. 6)Have good reputations in the industry (investigate by internet or other ways), and meanwhile have good performances and successful cases in the past. 7)Establish a stable team to work with the Biennale Organizing Committee office in regards of the requirements for exhibition coordination, promotion, publication and related administrative affairs.


6.1 The copyright relating to the Bi-city Biennale theme, logo image, photo and text description, resides in the Biennale Organizing Committee. And both parties are responsible for maintenance. 6.2 The copyright of exhibition works will belong to the author, the Biennale Organizing Committee has the ownership for the exhibition. The Biennale Committee’s rights includes but not limited to photography, recording and reproduction of exhibition works to use as the record, exhibition, education or promotion purposes. 6.3 If the candidates submit the application materials containing any third party ownership of intellectual property rights of works (including any written, verbal, graphic, video production or other forms), the candidates shall obtain the prior authorization from the owner so as to proceed with the project smoothly.

7、Notification of Results

7.1 The organizing committee plans to finish the selection procedure in a month after the deadline of the projects and release the result afterwards.

7.2 The Biennale Organizing Committee will arrange one week of notice period for the selected results. If there is no objection during the notice period, the organizer will sign an official contract with the final selected applicant, and issue a formal letter of appointment. 7.3 The Biennale Organizing Committee retains the right to cancel any applicant’s exhibition arrangement in appropriate circumstances, and Biennale Organizing Committee shall not compensate for it.

8、Dispute Resolution

8.1 This document will be in both Chinese and English. If there is any discrepancy in between, the Chinese version shall prevail. 8.2 The recruitment activities will be applicable to the laws of People’s Republic of China. The Shenzhen Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture Organizing Committee has the right of final interpretation within the scope permitted by law. 8.3 If the applicant and the exhibitor or a third party have disputes of intellectual property ownership, it should be resolved by the applicant, and it has no relation with the Biennale Organizing Committee. If any loss arises from these disputes, the Biennale Organizing Committee r is entitled to claim for compensation. 8.4 If the recruitment activities have any disputes, it shall be settled by kind consultation. If the consultation fails, it can be settled by lawsuits to the local people’s court.


9.1 The candidates must abide by confidentiality regulations in China. Materials, secrets and intellectual property rights shall be kept well and protected. 9.2 The candidates are restricted from transferring confidential information or results to an unauthorized third party or using it in other projects. If any party fails, consequences and responsibilities will need to be taken. 9.3 The candidates must deal with information provided directly or indirectly by both parties as well as files that are gained, dealt with or engaged through the process of this project in a fashion of confidentiality. The candidates must not disclose any confidential information or products in any projects to a third party without the permission of the biennale Organizing committee. If fails, the candidates will need to take complete responsibility.


Shenzhen Biennale of UrbanismArchitecture Organizing Committee Office

Contact: MI Lan / DONG Chaomei Tele: +86-755-83953209 Fax: +86-755-83953210 Email: ;

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