• Macau Pavilion render, byNunoSoares
    Macau Pavilion render, byNunoSoares
  • Macau Pavilion interior, byNunoSoares
    Macau Pavilion interior, byNunoSoares

E9 [Macau Pavilion] Macau Morpho Logies-Shapes: Figures and Conditions on the Densest City

The Macau pavilion interprets the theme of urban borders from an urban morphology standpoint. A map of Macau’s urban fabric highlighting the border between public space and private space was cut, folded and shaped into the pavilion.

With an urban evolu­tion mostly made through the collage of new parts to the existing structure, Macau’s complex urban fabric is defined by a culture of integration, juxtaposition and interplay between different urban grids from different times.

On top of this urban fabric, Macau’s Morphologies are analysed through the shapes, figures, and conditions of what is the world’s densest city.

The Macau pavilion is an interactive stage for spatial and con­ceptual exploration, where each person can choose his path and personal experience, just like walking through the city.

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