E3 [Italian Pavilion] Visualizing Venice: New Technologies for Urban History

Curator: Alessandra Ferrighi

Visualizing Venice is a series of inquiries into how social and economic change shaped the city of Venice over time. The project is educational and experimental, but we also hope that it will become a mode of public outreach that can explain place and space as evolving processes. Visualizing Venice: New Technologies for Urban History offers a cross-section of the research of Visualizing Venice (“VV”)and an opportunity to test how effective the most innovative ICT systems can be in recounting urban transformation.

The exhibition reconstructs the last three years of VV’s research through a series of “canteri” (construction sites). Moving through the installation, visitors can trace the history of parts of Venice: the insulae of SS. Giovanni e Paolo and the Accademia, the areas of the Giardinidella Biennale and the Arsenale. These sites have become testing grounds for a new way of conducting historical research: they are sites of major changes and sites on which Venice is proving to be a future-oriented city—a city that is ready to try out new ways of being, reinterpreting and reconverting entire sections of its urban fabric. The changes are staged at an urban and a building scale, allowing viewers to experience urban transformation in space and time through relationships created between images from archival documents and digital reconstructions (2D maps, 3D models).