E1 [UK Pavilion] Liquid Boundaries

Curator: Jeremy Till and Central Saint Martins

We live in an age of liquid modernity. Labour, capital, time and commodities have achieved an unheard of sense of fluidity as global flows of people, money, the virtual and goods dissolve previously stable conditions.

And yet against this socio-temporal liquidity, space has apparently hardened, throwing up ever more rigid boundaries as the production of space is increasingly codified and commodified. The United Kingdom pavilion at the 2013 UABB(SZ) investigates how a new generation of British architects, spatial agents and activists are challenging the fixity of boundaries and the regulation of space. It is presented through four animations and films that address four themes: the idea of playing with planning regulations, intervening in the software of cities, learning spatial and practical lessons from the Occupy movement, and creating public space out of nothing. All of the themes are based on real projects that in one way or another dissolve spatial boundaries in ways that lead to a more collective and democratic production and use of urban space.

The UK Pavilion is curated designed and produced by staff and students from the world-renowned art and design college, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. The films are based on projects from 00:/ Architects, DK-CM, Spacemakers and Inigo Minns.